SIMS Update: MIS Preferred Supplier Announcement

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123ICT have been contacted by many schools re the announcement from OCC re the MIS preferred supplier to Oxfordshire schools. Now that we have had 48 hours to digest the implications, we can assure you that as a company, we will aim to understand the time scales, as well as the technical and financial implications involved, with a view of offering impartial advice to Oxfordshire primary schools.

In summary, schools have a decision to make in the near future (i.e. during February) with regard to their MIS. Many schools have already indicated that they are understandably worried by any move away from as they have invested hours of training in OPT and Assessment Manager. Other concerns raised so far include:

  • confusion about whether you have to change
  • future telephone support provided by OCC
  • transition of data
  • cost implications

Hopefully, OCCs Information Pack (due out next week) and RM roadshows will answer many of your questions and concerns. Our advice is to give this some serious attention before making any decisions. 123ICT have a meeting arranged a meeting with RM to look at their IntegrisG2 product next Friday and have also arranged a meeting with Capita to discuss the procedure of continuing with

Both RM and Capita are keen to arrange partnership meetings and demonstrations with Oxfordshire schools before February half term. If you want to contact either RM or Capita for more information then the Oxfordshire account managers contact details are as follow:

RM Education – Jonathan Smith – (01235 826000 –  

Capita – Robert Tanner (01234 245120 –

Please feel free to also contact your 123ICT consultant with your concerns and questions you may have and we will raise these with RM / Capita on your behalf. Our objective, as always, is to offer impartial advice as part of our service to schools.