Simple Machines

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The Museum of Science and IndustryVisit Simple Machines at The  Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago which has an interesting set of school science resources and games.

The Simple Machines games are absolutely ideal for years 3 and 4 to learn some very simple physics. Students can investigate how simple machines work using large-scale examples and then test their knowledge to complete a challenge using levers, pulleys and inclined planes.

The Ultimate “Twitch” Game

There are spare robot parts all over the Museum. It’s the job of Twitch (the red character below) to go and collect them. “It won’t be easy, and that’s the problem: our adorable-but-lazy friend likes things easier. It’s up to you and Twitch to use found objects to create simple machines, devices that will help him solve challenges with a minimum of force, collect the parts and stay out of trouble.”

simple machines1

Ideas of what to do before and after a visit to the museum can be found in the teachers guide,;this may be useful to teachers who are never going to visit the museum but may use the games.

There are also other science games on the site and it worth exploring – for example visit the On-line Science page to see chicks hatching.

simple machines

simple machines 2