ShareTakeCare a Digital Footprint Game

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ShareTakeCare  is a digital footprint game for over 13s but it also could be used with with younger pupils on an IWB.  The idea is that pupils can decide what is good and what is bad about Facebook.  It has the potential to open up a lot of discussion in the classroom about protecting one’s digital footprint.

To play the game pupils have to decide whether it would be appropriate to un-tag a photograph / post that would not be good for them. Alternatively,  pupils could “like” a post that shows them in a good light. It would give a teacher lots of opportunities to discuss what is good and not so good behaviour in social networking.  It may be good  to use screen shots in a SMART Notebook to give time to really think about the answers.

The following four pictures give a clear idea of what it is all about:







Share Take Care