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The sharendipity bannerSharendipity is a easy way for KS2 pupils to create and share social games or multimedia experiences. Pupils could also simply browse and play the creations of other pupils; challenging friends to beat their highest score!

There are already loads of educational games that have been created for teachers to use and it is very quick and easy to make your own to fit your topic. For example, this maths challenge reinforces work on decimal sorting:

Decimal Sort

Decimal sort 2

Decimal Sort 3

It gets much harder as pupils work their way through the levels ūüôā

The games created can be embedded into a blog or wiki ready for use in class or can be played on laptops. It offers a fantastic tool for making simple games which can be adapted to help pupils learn almost any aspect of the curriculum.

Our recommended way to get started is to check out the games that other teachers have already made:

Sharendipity games creator