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Serial Mash is a well developed area of the Purple Mash website which offers a range of books available for the whole primary school age range at a very reasonable price, far less than it would cost to provide new reading books to each class in school!

Serial Mash is “A growing online library of books specifically written for use in primary school classrooms with the National Curriculum 2014. The books are aimed at children aged 5-11 and come complete with a range of teacher resource packs, comprehension quizzes and extended writing activities.”(2Simple Software)

There is a whole range of spelling, punctuation and grammar exercises mapped to the 2014 Literacy curriculum.

Each chapter of each book offers a range of exercises to ensure comprehension and extend writing. A new chapter of each book is shared on Mondays and each chapter ends on a cliffhanger.

The pages of the book have the glossary built in enabling children to instantly check the unusual words in a text.

One of the current books is Planet Earth By children’s author Jonny Zucker

Planet Earth?

When Stuart gets home and finds someone totally different living in his house, he’s freaked out, but when he gets to the bottom of the mystery things are way, way stranger than he ever thought possible.

See the underlined words which offer a glossary item when clicked.

Children can log into serial Mash from home and the aim of the site is to enable children to become better readers and provide individual support which is not always available in school time.

Serial Mash

The books are split into categories suitable for each age range: Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Fire Bolts. Fire Bolts are for children who need extra support.

Serial Mash

Serial Mash

A Sample Quiz page:

Serial Mash