Searches Engines for Children

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Searches engines for Children, why not get your learners used to using search engines that are more suited to their age? There are a vast range of search engines available and yet most turn immediately to Google when they want to find out information. The brand name has now even become a verb – to google, meaning to search for information on the Internet. This common usage even extends down to the very youngest learners. However, when it comes to e-safety, there is a fair amount of questionable material which can be accessed through an adult search engine.  The following two search engines provide environments that are  more appropriate for children to use.


Searches for Children SearchyPants is  based here in the UK which is useful as the terms being used will be recognised more easily by our children.

SearchyPants is also a tool for parents, carers and teachers – allowing them to provide a safe and supervised environment for children to search the Internet. It is powered by a Google Custom Search Engine so is very stable and powerful. In addition, teachers can sign up and create a personal search engine for their class.

SearchyPants Main Features:
  • Customisable search page – Create your own safe search page with your school logo, background image, links and welcome message.
  • Simple safe search – Safely search websites, images, educational games and educational videos with the easy to use search bar.
  • Profanity detection – Ensure children aren’t searching for curse words. If a child types in a naughty word the search box is disabled and a message is displayed promoting positive search methods.
  • Easy management – Take control by blocking and reporting inappropriate content. Change global settings with an easy to use settings page.



Searches for ChildrenKidRex is another great search engine for children. This one looks as though it has been designed by a child, making it very child friendly!  What is also nice is that it offers e-safety advice too!

In its parents section, KidRex claims:  “In addition to Google SafeSearch™, KidRex maintains its own database of inappropriate websites and keywords. KidRex researchers test KidRex daily to ensure that you and your child have the best web experience possible.

We do our best to keep KidRex as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible, but inappropriate sites will sometimes slip through the cracks. If you find websites containing offensive content in your results, please visit our webpage removal request tool to tell us about the site you found.” (KidRex)

While KidRex is not a 100 percent foolproof way to keep kids from bad or malicious sites, we think it’s a good start. For more pointers on keeping your family safe on the web, please read KidRex’s Tips for Online Safety.