Useful links for teaching Scratch in the primary school classroom

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Scratch is a wonderful freely downloadable program designed to enable teachers and pupils to design their own games.

It inspires creativity and incidentally help pupils develop an understanding of computer programming. Scratch also gives pupils an opportunity to collaborate on their designs and was widely promoted  during the ICT Curriculum Reform meeting on 16th October 2012.

To get started, pupils need to learn a few basic commands and then they start learning how to create programs which can be shared with  friends and the wider Scratch community.

Below are three useful links for teaching Scratch:

The website LearnScratch has a set of videos and lesson plans suitable for primary school and is a really good introduction for teachers and children alike.

 The Learn Scratch website

You will also find more help on the Scratch website, including 129 Sample Scratch Projects that other users have made which can be downloaded. A good exercise is to download a project (e.g. Pac-Man Style Project) which can then “pulled apart” to show pupils how it was made. You can then ask pupils to improve this project or used it to inspire their own designs.

The website Scratch Ed also has a vast projects section which has many video tutorials which show teachers and pupils how various Scratch activities have been done.

In particular, there is the new “Get started with the Scratch curriculum guide“. The Scratch Curriculum guide is a set of 20 lessons which can be adapted to almost any situation and is a great starter for anyone not used to using Scratch in the classroom.

Scratch Ed also includes a section on featured Scratch resources and project ideas:

Finally, you may be interested in the following research project which shows how effective Scratch is at motivating creativity: