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Scratch_KidsScratch Kids App for Android Devices. Scratch Kids is a new FREE education app, for Android devices, which was created by teacher David Phillips. It provides video tutorials that will help children to learn coding, using the great free programming application Scratch. The following text was taken from the app’s download and review page on Google Store:

“Scratch Kids brings you a whole bunch of video tutorials to get you going making your own games in the new version of Scratch 2.0. These are not the sort of standard tutorials that you find on the web. During the videos you will be set tasks to do in Scratch and hopefully you will be able to complete them on your own. However don’t worry if you cannot, the next video in each project will show you how to complete the task!

These videos are really targeted at primary/elementary students, although the content will go on to stretch and challenge even the most able of them with: variables, cloning, broadcasting and many other features of Scratch. There’s even a quiz in the app so you can test your scratch knowledge too!

Scratch really is a fantastic way into learning programming and coding and this app hopefully will be a great asset to get you going with it.

This is a big app of just under 300 Mb because there is so much material in it. Therefore, you will need to be hooked into your WiFi connection.

Teachers. The point of this app is that kids can use their tablet or phone alongside the pc to build their games in Scratch. You can just sit back and relax without having to plan anything. Oh and there is enough material to keep your students busy for around 6 hours, even if they don’t manage to have a go at the extension.tasks, which are identified for all 4 games!” (Google Store)

The application has not been tested by anyone in 123ICT as it is only produced in Android form so far. Nevertheless, it has received 15 reviews so far on Google Store and has scored a total of 4.6 out of 5, which cannot be a bad recommendation for anyone wanting to try it.

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Late Addition – Scratch Kids is Now Available for IOS Devices

The creator of Scratch Kids has just let us know that there is now an IOS version of his app. It is not free but costs a modest £0.79 from the Apple Store. However, there is also a FREE lite version available; although the Lite version doesn’t contain all of the material available in the full IOS or Android versions, it is worth trying before purchasing the full version.

Download Scratch Kids for IOS Devices from:

Scratch Kids

Scratch Kids Lite