Scratch Halloween Game

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start-gameThe Scratch Halloween game is a great way to get children involved in developing, rehearsing or updating their coding skills!

With Halloween fast approaching, this is a fun seasonal game that has been created using the Scratch application. If your school does not already use Scratch, it is freely downloadable from here. From the opening screen you click the left hand pumpkin to play! For this embedded version just click on the flag!

The great thing about all of the Scratch games is that children can look to see how they have been made. They can change any of the code to see what happens.  They can experiment with all of the parameters to find out what they do! Simply click on the ‘See Inside’ (Top Left of Screen) to look at how it has been created. This game is probably best for upper Key Stage 2.

Scratch Halloween Game

Children do not have to save their work, they can simply play around with what is there to see what happens and then, if they wish,leave without saving – they can’t mess up the original game! This game has got two different versions created from the main project and users are invited to remix the game!


The instructions in Scratch coding are colour coded so it is easy to see which sections do what in the game.


A simpler game is the Halloween Haunted House, this may be a better starting point for those who are not so experiences with Scratch. It seems to be based on Alice in Wonderland!

These and other games can be found on the Scratch site for children to pull apart and look at. What a fun way to practice programming!