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Science ResourcesThe Children’s University of Manchester has developed a set of science resources for children. These resources have been developed for KS2 children and are based on topics of the National Curriculum.

The website has been developed as part of a scheme called The Children’s University, which has developed a Passport to Learning, the passport itself costs £5 per child, it may be something to interest parents! Lots of educational establishments are involved in creating resources and these science resources are part of that scheme. Even if a child does not have the passport the resources are still freely available for use in school.

The interactive resources offered in the science section are:

Each section has a full range of interactive resources and also has a test at the end to complete it.

For children that have a passport, they have to complete 5 lessons in each of the subjects mentioned above to earn a stamp. Once they have done each lesson. which is about an hour of learning, a code appears.

Once a child has collected the five codes, they can claim a stamp leading eventually towards child graduation!


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