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Here arscience investigationse some fun science investigations to have a look at:

The Stem Challenge How Strong is Spaghetti!

How strong is spaghetti?  Challenge children to invent a way to find out!  This STEM challenge is a lot of fun, and you do not need much in the way of materials, just some spaghetti, polystyrene and weights.


24 Easy Summer Science Experiments for Kids

Whilst many of the 24 Easy Summer Science Experiments for Kids – listed below – are not new, some have a new twist and they will often be useful as part of the curriculum somewhere!

  • Create a geyser.
  • Learn about cricket sounds.
  • Make an exploding paint bag (outdoors).
  • Explore magnetic slime
  • Explore disappearing glass
  • Creating a solar oven.
  • Making flower cupcakes
  • Purify water
  • Make sand waterproof
  • Make a rocket
  • Make a rainbow in a jar
  • Build a sundial
  • Discover molecules
  • Investigate quicksand
  • Investigate the height of a tree
  • Crystal art
  • Disappearing eggshell
  • Make giant bubbles
  • Make rain clouds
  • Inflate a balloon with pop
  • Make a worm hotel
  • Make a volcano
  • Osmosis celery
  • Make a tornado


science investigations

: 12 Cheap Fizzing, Popping, and Erupting Kids’ Science Experiments

“Unusual noises are definitely a kid attention getter (and many adults too). There is just something about out of the ordinary sounds and sights that make us take notice and really pay attention to what is going on around us. With that in mind, here are 12 Cheap Fizzing, Popping, and Erupting kids’ science experiments that are so fun that the kid may not even realize they are learning in the process.”(article webpage)