Science Assessment Statements Years 1- 6

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scienceScience Assessment Statements Years 1- 6 –  For use in the classroom, with or without Target Tracker.

This useful document is available for download in PDF format by clicking on the link below:


This is a document which has been produced by Essex Education Services who still have a Science Advisory Team.  One has to have permission to use it; however,  because it has been created for teachers –  in their words: “To assist primary teachers in the assessment of pupil progress in the 2014 National Curriculum Programme of Study for science.” (Science Assessment Statements) – I guess they would be willing to give permission for its use.

The document covers the Science curriculum for years 1 – 6,  providing the statutory requirement for subject content from the Programmes of Study for each year group in a column on the left. The right-hand column helps teachers understand what the significant point of each requirement is.

The introduction details that:

  • “These ideas have been designed to support teachers making judgements who are unsure about ‘new’ subject content and provide ideas about progression.
  • Suggestions where ‘working scientifically’,  skills could be evidenced are embedded within the content.
  • We feel that if pupils can evidence the knowledge and skills suggested in the descriptors, they are secure in their learning and ready to move on to the next Key Stage.”(Science Assessment Statements)