Scholastic’s Story Starters

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Scholastic's Story Starters“Ready to get students excited about writing? Scholastic’s Story Starters serves up hundreds of creative combinations that take the writer’s block out of creative writing for students. Plus, it is now available for iPad!

Set young writers loose with prompts that explore the themes of Adventure, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Or choose Scrambler, for random word combinations. Story Starters gives ideas for character, plot, and setting. If you want to change your writing prompt, pull the lever and it will serve up a new prompt, either piece-by-piece or all at once.” (Scholastic)


To begin, choose one of the genres of story and click on it; then, fill in a name, it does not have to be your own name and please do not use your full name! Then, choose a suitable age range. 

Scholastic's Story StartersClick the button that says Spin and watch the four windows which give random responses:

My adventure story starter is a librarian with a wheeze meeting a famous singer! My fantasy tales is: Describe a conversation with a sly baron who steals a sacred book.

The next stage is to choose how you want to present your story – a postcard, a newspaper, a notebook or a letter. The website will not produce a template for use:

It is very easy to use, it could be used individually or displayed on a whiteboard for use with the whole class. The teacher could also make a story starter for each pupil and cut them  into slips so that everyone chooses a slip of paper without knowing what story starter is on it beforehand. This way, every pupil can be writing a completely different story! For classes which have iPads, there is free app, so the pupils could be generating their own story starters around the room.