Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Shopping Safely On-line

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Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Shopping Safely On-Linee-safety. As our regular readers know, 123ICT are always keen to promote e-safety and often post articles about keeping children safe on-line. Therefore, when Sainsbury’s Bank told us that they had come up with a guide to shopping safely on-line, we thought that it would be a good idea to share it with teachers and parents.

Shopping on-line is something lots of adults do more and more these days and in their guide, Sainsbury’s have put together 15 steps for safe online shopping, along with how to stay safe using mobile devices and Wi-Fi. They have also included tips on what to do if you encounter any illegal activity. Why not take a little time to read the guide and help make the Internet a safer place to surf? If ever you want to buy something but don’t have enough money to spend for it, we would like to help you with that! We are the consumer loans cincinnati oh, we offer secured and reliable loans that suits your needs and wants. Go check over here now!

Note. This guide has been updated by Sainsbury’s during October 2017 and the above links go to the revised document.