Safer Internet Day 2015 – Ideas for Schools

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Safer internet dayNeed some inspiration for Safer Internet Day 2015 on 10th February? We’ve been asking 123ICT schools what they have planned.

Long Furlong are looking forward to a whole week of activities including:

  • Whole-school assembly using the PPT presentation/script from the SID website
  • Adding the following SID resources for parents/carers to the school website: Parent Conversation Starter; Parents’ Factsheet; Supporting Young People Online; SID Quiz
  • Displaying SID posters around school
  • Asking pupils to complete the pledge card or “recipe for a safer internet”  templates (from the SID ‘quick activities’ pdf), then creating a presentation with the pick of the crop
  • 123ICT Curriculum Consultant, Nick Speller will be running an after-school “Online Safety” session for parents.

Thank you to Rose-Marie Smith, Business Manager, for this insight into her school’s plans.  Let us know what you have planned for Safer Internet Day at your school to ‘make the internet a better place’?