Safer Internet Day 2013

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Safer Internet Day 2013Safer Internet Day 2013 is on 5th February 2013.

The UK Safer Internet Centre is requesting that schools and youth organisations contribute to the Safer Internet Day via their Live Internet Radio Show marathon broadcast!

They would like to hear from any children and young people about their understanding of their rights and responsibilities when using the Internet.

Rights and responsibilities are a wonderful way to engage pupils with understanding how to keep themselves safe on the Internet, it gives young people a voice and makes them think.

The Safer Internet Centre are seeking contributions to their live show; a five minute or less presentation in the form of a radio show, with role plays, discussions, songs (written and performed by the class), interviews – or similar – all gathered together into a radio style programme around the theme of Safer Internet Day 2013.

Your recording can be submitted as an MP3 file in 128kb/s format. Laptops, netbooks, tablets and similar can all be used to generate the recording but it has to be about the theme “Connect with Respect.

Submit your entries to by 15 January 2013 for a chance to have your radio programme features on the show or call the contact number for o2 customer services.

The winner will be announced during our  Safer Internet Day Live Broadcast on 5th February and their entry will be played on the internet.  There will be a prize for the winning entry.