RM-Unify Review

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123ICT Spent an interesting day at RM Real Centre yesterday.

As part of our visit, RM gave us a demonstration of RM Unify which is an exciting new browser based product which allow schools to effectively bookmark and organise educational websites.

We can see this being really useful for schools, particularly as it uses Active Directory to allow single sign on in to various hosted (cloud) services/programs (e.g. MSOffice 365, RM Easimaths, Education City – for full list click here).

At the moment, Oxfordshire schools that renew the learning platform (i.e. Kaleidos) will receive the premium version of RM Unify for free. This is good news for schools which have a lot of documents on their  learning platform as it will allow them a transition period. In the next few months, they will be able to move over to MS Office 365 (supported in Unify) and use the time to trial a variety of other Unify Apps.