Rio Olympics

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The Riorio Olympics Olympics, which are taking place during the summer of 2016, could be a great inspiration for any teacher to conduct a mini-Olympics when schools return in September. Hopefully children will have watched the Olympics and so be interested and willing to try out all sorts of new sports.

Studyladder  is offering a completely free set of teaching resources:

“Bring the Olympics to your classroom!

Use these free resources to learn about the Olympic Games with your students.

Don’t forget! Share this page with others as no Studyladder login is required.” (Studyladder Website)

Studyladder offers a set of whiteboard materials. There are resources about Brazil, writing a news report, the history of the Olympics, and various Olympic records. It offers a full set of mini Olympic ideas which teachers could use. It also offers whole host of Olympic printables. The first printable offered is “About me in 2016” and could make a great new term, new class introduction activity.

Rio Olympics

Studyladder is being developed by school teachers in Australia to provide access to a quality education for all children. Studyladder adapts and aligns their resources to curriculum requirements.   They are  in the process of increasing their international capacity – aiming to have Studyladder teacher representatives throughout the English-speaking world.

The Rio Olympics section is free but one has to have premium membership to access all of the Studyladder resources, which includes thousands of video lessons, interactive games, worksheets and assessments.