Remembrance Day Links

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As we approach Remembrance Day here is a collection of links which may inspire some classroom activities to commemorate the day.

The Woodlands site has lots of information Remembrance Day created and gathered especially for schools including famous poems written for the event, links to the poppy day site. The site also explains the significance of poppies.

Remembrance Day – the Queen at the Cenotaph explained by the BBC.

The website iChild has Remembrance Day crafts for young children which help to explore the meaning of the day for KS1.

Remembrance Day – Scholastic website has ideas for an assembly and drama activities.

There is a collection of Remembrance Day PowerPoint resources at the TES to browse through and a bank of Remembrance Day activities from the Diocese of Oxford.

Finally there is a pack for schools available from the British Legion with various downloadable resources at their site.