Rainforests and their Sustainability

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rainforestlayers (1)Rainforests and their sustainability can play a huge role in investigating and learning about the Earth and our environment. We are losing great swathes of rainforests every day and we would love to stop that. We need to stop it. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. This is a collection of websites to help with the study of this important environmental issue.

The Schoolrun.Com – this site gives information about rainforest habitats. It provides a lot of information and some great maps to help children understand where rainforests are located and the levels of habitat to be found in them. There is also a video introducing some of the animals which may be found there. It is a great site, telling children about all of the things that we get from rainforests, the birds and animals that live there; also, the insects and bugs and the tree and plants. It talks about why rainforests are getting smaller. In addition, there are some fun activities including a word search.

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment – provides a fact sheet about why rainforests are important. This organisation is a charity aiming to teach children and young people about the environment and sustainability.

Tropical Rainforests – from Mongabay,  is written for children under several headings such as:

  • Why are Rainforests important.
  • Why are Rainforests disappearing?
  • How can we save the rainforests? etc.

Woodlands School – shares an interesting set of facts about Rainforests.

The Royal Institution – offers an on-line game called ‘Trade-Offs’; children who play, have to decide the destiny of a rainforest. This is a game that the whole class could play on a whiteboard and the discussion that arises could teach children a great deal about what the issues are.

Rainforests and their Sustainability

The Rainforest Alliance Kids’Corner – offers storybooks, forest facts, plant and animal facts, a virtual rainforest visit, activities and games.

Science Kids – shares Fun Rainforest Facts:

“Enjoy our range of fun rainforest facts for kids. Find interesting information about tropical and temperate rainforests, the plants and animals that live in them, areas of the Earth where you will find them and much more.” (Science Kids)