Quozio Quote Maker

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Quozio Quote MakerQuozio Quote Maker is a very simple – free to use – tool which can combine words and backgrounds to  create inspirational or motivational images which can then be shared on social networking sites.

The quotes created can also be downloaded and kept for future use; they can even be e-mailed to someone, printed off for display work, or added to web pages, wikis and blogs. Simply visit the page, write in what you want to appear on the picture, choose a design and send it, or save it.


Quozio3Why not get young children inspired to write short sentences or rhymes to make their own pretty page? Their designs could be kept in an e-portfolio, or printed out and put on the wall. They could also be added to class blogs or wikis. You could even, as a class teacher, simply use them to add interest to class displays. They could also make lovely personalised greetings cards from the children too!

Quozio Bookmarklet. There is also the option on the Quozio site to install  Quozio Bookmarklet. This tool will enable you to copy text from websites and then turn it into Quozio quotes.

You simply drag the “Get Bookmarklet” image provided onto your browser’s bookmark bar to install it on your computer.

Then, highlight text on any web page and hit the “Quote with Quozio” button. The bookmarklet will then turn the selected text into a image that you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, email and more…