Quadblogging – Develop Children’s Writing

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Quadblogging - Develop Children's WritingQuadblogging, for anyone who does not already know, is a scheme where four schools are linked, for four weeks in a blogging project.

The schools are matched as far as possible so that they will be interested in each other’s work. A teacher from one of the four schools acts as a coordinator and organises his, or her, project. Each school starts blogging and the focus for all four schools is on a different school each week ensuring that at least for one week out of the month there are readers and people to make comments available for the blog in each of the schools involved. Children who are blogging are writing for a much larger audience than it would otherwise be and it gives them a real purpose to write.  Children find it motivating! Many of you will have already seen David Mitchell (the person responsible for the quadblogging movement) talk about it at local conferences but you may not have thought about joining the project – maybe it is time to consider doing just that!

Over half a million children from sixty-five countries have already been involved in this project over the last 6 years and planning has started for the the next groups in readiness for the next school year.

To get involved in a blogging month with three other schools fill in this simple form now.

See what Pie Corbett says about the project:

Listen to what the children say about Quadblogging in the video below, it is quite amazing! It also explains very clearly how quad blogging works.