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Purple MashPurple Mash goes from strength to strength in offering what schools need to support the curriculum. If you have not looked at it for a while, it may be something to explore over the holiday.  We have shared several posts about Purple Mash in the past; however it is well worth looking at once again, especially if you do not already subscribe to the service as a school.

Currently Purple Mash offers:

  • Over 25 open-ended creative tools from painting and game design to mind-mapping and spreadsheets
  • Hundreds of scaffolded writing templates from English and history to art and science
  • Continually updated with topical content and in line with National Curricula
  • Dedicated step-by-step 2Code module allows even non-specialists to teach coding
  • Pre-differentiated resources allow you to cater for all ability levels
  • Free home access for every pupil, including individual saving folders
  • Set homework at the click of a button using 2Dos – then assess and feedback online
  • ​Celebrate children’s work using online Display Boards, or embed into your school’s website
  • Works on desktops, laptops, tablets and electronic whiteboards
  • Unlimited free technical support from our in-house team
  • Free Computing Schemes of Work

Recently Purple mash have introduced 2Start English, 2Simple Spanish and 2Simple French; these are available as one of payments and as add-ons to your school package.

The freely downloadable scheme of work is a zip file covering every aspect of ICT for each primary school year as a medium-term plan. Each lesson plan has suggestion for how the 2Simple tools can be used to complete the task. They include aims, videos, success criteria, activities, resources, beautiful images etc as explanations, questions for discussion, research etc. It is a really valuable resource!

They provide a set of exercises that you are able to try freely:

Purple Mash

You can request a 30 day trial for when schools starts again after the holiday. Or, contact them for a subscription price for your school.