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Purple Mash was one of the highlights of the Bett 2017 show held at the ExCel Centre in London last week. Purple Mash is an award winning website for primary school children. It is a creative space, where children can apply and enhance their knowledge through a range of creative tools, games, and curriculum resources.

Purple Mash contains over 800 curriculum focused Publishing Projects, covering everything from the stone age to aliens from outer space. Teachers can save hours of planning time and provide fun and interactive lessons that kids will love.

If you do not already know and use the resources, Purple Mash provides free activities that you can sample.

Purple Mash

Purple Mash

The most recent addition to Purple Mash was ‘2Code’. This easy-to-use and engaging tool allows teachers with no prior knowledge of coding to hit all of the new Curriculum 2014 Computing objectives, through a series of ready made lesson activities. There is also a complete coding scheme of Work for all years.

Purple Mash

Step by step tutorials for teachers and children:

Purple Mash

Finally, there is a whole set of exercises designed to lead children through the skills needed to code, a step at a time.

Purple Mash

Apart from 2Code, there is a wide range of resources available on Purple Mash. The programs available are:

  • 2Animate
  • Logo
  • 2Design nd Make
  • 2Count
  • 2Publish
  • 2Publish Plus
  • 2Go
  • 2Paint
  • 2Graph
  • 2Sequence and
  • 2 investigate.

For all programs there are tutorials and projects to help provide access to the curriculum. If you have not looked at it for a while it may be time to update yourself.

Want to get Purple Mash free for a year?

Yes, Purple Mash is a really fantastic resource and you could win a year’s subscription – along with the popular add-on Faith Matters (kindly donated by 2Simple Software) –  for your school, absolutely free, by entering our 123ICT Easter Animation Competition. With such a great prize on offer, it has got to be worth entering the competition.