Power My Learning review

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Power my learningPower My Learning is a new type of learning platform.

It allows schools to connect to the best free digital learning activities on the web  and can be used to meet the full range of primary school learning needs.

There is a whole set of teacher how-to guides as

 which can be downloaded as required.

Lesson Plans

Power My Learning has a lesson planning tool that gives teachers the ability to make Play Lists. This allows resources to appear in the order that you determine. It’s easy to create, share, and utilize Lesson Plans using the  built in digital learning activities.

The lessons are all built to the common core and although some of the content relates to America (e.g. US History), many aspects are covered in the UK National Curriculum. Art, music, science, English and maths sections are particularly good.

Each subject opens out into a whole range  of sub-titles which then give a page of links to suitable, useful resources such as the third one of the art section Graphical Design:

power my learning - art