Post SATs Activity Ideas

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Post SATs Activity IdeasIt is post SATs and for year 6, it is the wind down to leaving primary school ready for secondary education.

It could be a time to expand their learning sideways by doing some one-off projects, or activities, which will be enjoyable.

Here are a few sites offering such activities:

UK Edchat, a group that meet every week on Twitter for a live chat has gathered lots of ideas together for post SATs projects:

  • World cup/ Commonwealth Games / Tour de France
  • Plan and Rehearse an End of Year Performance
  • Enterprise project for the Summer Fair
  • Outdoor Projects
  • Theme Park Maths
  • Stick Exchange Maths
  • Create a Mobile App
  • Work Experience around the School

The TES has gathered a set of post SATs Projects together:

  • Desert Island Literacy*
  • 100 Book based ideas*
  • Chocolate themes maths tasks
  • Smoothie themed maths project*
  • Rocket experiments
  • Superhero unit plan
  • Second World War baking booklet
  • Recycled paper project presentation
  • Enterprise project*
  • Band Project Booklet *

Note. The ones with the * are paid for items.

The TES also hosts a free Summer Term after SATs maths investigation.

Pinterest offers a host of ideas pinned by teachers all around the country.

A Tale Unfolds, written about in previous posts, offers five KS2 projects:

  • Pupil Prime minister (10 lessons)
  • Plastic times (15 lessons)
  • Film School (15 lessons)
  • Movie Trailers (5 lessons)
  • Action Adventure Movies (35 lessons)

This is a paid for resource but if school has a licence, it is well worth looking at!

Twinkl offers a paid for year 6 project pack on Theme Parks

Post SATs Activity Ideas