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Pobble Mighty WriteThe Pobble Mighty Write Competition is with us!  The competition opened on the 27th of January and runs until the 21st of February and all primary school pupils and are invited to take part – the competition theme is “If I ruled the World…”

There are two categories in the competition, KS1 and KS2. Each teacher can choose five pieces of work from their class to enter  into the competition. I think that there is so much on this site which could inspire children to write. There are great ideas that include both fiction and non-fiction examples – there are also ideas which may inspire many boys as well as girls!

Pobble Mighty Write

The Teaching ideas (linked below) shared by the Pobble site are brilliant and are nice to use, even if you decide that you do not want to enter the competition.

 A downloadable PDF full of ideas for the young.

 Beautifully illustrated, fun, inspiring ideas to get children writing!

 Addresses much more serious matter such as bullying, environmental issues and war.

Pobble Mighty Write

This competition and the resources are offered by Pobble and Penguin Schools UK.

There is a lot more of interest, freely available through the Pobble site. The site can be used as a showcase for student work and there is a ‘Pobble for Schools’ area with teacher talk and training available. However,  I am sure that some of this part of the site has to be paid for. There is also an amazing 365 section which shows a daily photograph with story starters and questions to inspire student writing. Visit now and find out more!