Plus Happy Numbers – KS1 Maths Extensions

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Plus Happy Numbers  is a new KS1 maths website, completely free and it looks like fun!

“It’s called a fantastic web-based tool that provides mind-growing monthly math challenges to unlock your students’ higher-order thinking. Plus can be used as an independent math center to provide math enrichment that supplements your curriculum.

It’s designed for K-2 students at the moment, but I’ve heard they plan to expand to upper elementary in the future. The first challenge has just been released — so make sure you check out Plus!”

The above is a quote from an email I received from  Monica Burns informing me about this new website!

Unfortunately, I can’t check it out properly – I can make myself a free account but I don’t have a class to register! All I can do is show the ‘try out’ activity. I can’t access the first challenge.

The ‘Try Out’ Activity

Illustrated  below are just three images from the whole ;try out’ exercise:

Plus Happy Numbers

Again, there are several similar activities before a different shaped scarf is introduced!

Plus Happy Numbers

There are several similar tasks before an extra icon is added:

Plus Happy Numbers

Plus Happy Numbers is free and slightly different. It is a new way of getting children to think about maths whilst they are very young! It certainly sounds worth signing up for and trying it out to see how it develops.