Play and learn: Being online

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playandlearn1Insafe has a downloadable activities book called Play and learn: Being online which encourages home or classroom discussion about many e-safety or digital literacy points.  The publication aims, in the activities offered, to cover:

  • Visual discrimination, status symbols and bullying
  • My profile data: understanding public/private. Encouraging critical thinking about choice of information you spread
  • Reflecting on/ordering activities, critical thinking on time spent on study, gaming, chatting, hygiene,…
  • Understanding that different devices can perform a same action and one device can often perform many actions
  • Encouraging critical thinking, making the distinction between what is real and what is virtual
  • Learning about tangible and intangible, real and virtual; critical thinking about protecting information and/or objects
  • Self knowledge, metacognition (reflecting on own actions)
  • Talking about past and future, evolution in technology
  • The value of IT devices, critical thinking about cost of these devices, which children often taken for granted
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Problem solving, learning about new symbols, decoding
  • Language development, metaphors; understanding anonymity and LBS (Location based services)
  • Dealing with bullying online, learning to express/show (your) emotions and empathy
  • Distinction between real and virtual, asking for help, talking about problems


The quote below is taken from the Insafe website:

“Today, children are going online at an increasingly young age; therefore this book aims at introducing concepts of modern technology in their daily vocabulary and activities. Whilst this activity book offers children from 4 to 8 years of age 30 pages of fun and games, it also leads them to sharpen their basic language and mathematical, social and cultural skills. It gives them a glimpse of the impact modern technology can have on their everyday life. Above all it offers an opportunity for parents and teachers to sit together with their children and discuss these important issues. Although the activity book was created in such a way that young children can enjoy and do the games alone, many of the exercises do have a deeper level. The booklet endeavours to encourage parents and teachers to talk about topics such as privacy and modern technology with their children and pupils starting from a very young age as these issues undoubtedly already play an important role in their lives.”(Insafe)