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Talk Like a Pirate Day has become a huge success, all around the world schools celebrate the day in a huge variety of ways.  Many teachers have now written and shared their Pirate lesson plans. So starting preparing for the next September 19th. The UK Talk like a Pirate website has an interesting news article, the old UK site has lots more information to help making your day a huge success.

Cross curricular Pirate Website Links…

A pirate picture

TES – Masses of pirates resources
Doreto Learning sample unit – Y2 pirate planning
iisresource – Y2 Planning – A project web site – great!
Primary Resources – Pirate ideas for EYFS
TES resource – Pirates Y6 medium term planning
Daisy Field Primary – A topic Web for Yr 6
Talk like a -Talk like a pirate … teacher resources
National Geographic – Pirate Geography – Pirate history
National Geographic – History Games
Scholastic resource – Pirates project – A brief history for children – Pirate’s Treasure – a free story – Pirates – Famous Pirates– Australian website resources – Pirate story starter – Pirate FAQs – Fun Facts – Pirates theme page – Pirate poems – Pirate posters, number lines, writing page templates – many pirate items, some free
Brendan is teaching  Cross Curricular Plan
Famous Pirate Flags – The history of pirate flags and recommended pirate links
Famous Pirates
English Attack – Pirates of the Caribbean