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A screen shotPhrase.IT is a free website where teachers can upload pictures or photographs and add speech bubbles onto them.

Uploading pictures and adding captions is very easy and the finished picture is available to use in class books, blogs, wikis or displays. There are various speech bubbles available and four different filters which can be applied to the picture. There are also many stock photographs that could be used for story making.

Once the picture is created, you simple add an e-mail address information and it will be emailed to you (see below). You can order a high resolution prints or use the image as you see fit to make story books, cards, calendars, place mats … its’ use is only limited by the imagination!

It is an ideal tool and be used by even the youngest in school.

A phrase it screen shot

A phrase it screen shot

A phrase it screen shot




Phrase it screen shot

Website blurb:

“Thanks for using! We hope you are enjoying your new speech bubble image!

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You can also download a high resolution version of your image by clicking on the following link:

Have fun!
The Team”