Phillip Martin Clipart

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Phillip MartinPhillip Martin Clipart. This site has a huge collection of clipart, presentations templates and many other educational resources available for free use, by children and teachers in school projects.

This is a great classroom resource, one to bookmark for lots of projects. The terms of service are very clearly laid out so there is absolutely no issues with not being sure about the use of the images.


There are also a set of presentations available on the site (see link below), which teachers may use freely in class, along with story books in presentation form. There are native American, Asian, European and African stories to use on a whiteboard, a whole set of games linked to the curriculum and a complete list of  titles, etc. to look through in the Themes and Topics section (see link below). There is also a brilliant introduction to the artist, Phillip Martin, and a bit about his life (scroll to the bottom of the link page).


“There are so many wonderful free uses for the clip art. These kid-friendly drawings works well on homework pages, bulletin boards, news letters, and school websites. Of course, that is just the start. I hear from many people around the world who find other creative NON COMMERCIAL uses. If you have an unique use for the art, I alway [sic] love to hear about it.” (Phillip Martin Clipart)