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downloadSpotted at BETT, Petra’s Planet is an on-line learning area which is developed to help children become independent creative learners.

Petra’s planet for schools is an educational extension to the virtual world of Petra’s Planet. It is student focused, allowing children to learn at their own place and at the moment it is free.

What is unusual about this website is that it deals with cultural and geographical issues.

While playing the games children can choose between Sami land, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and Senegal. In each of these regions, children meet interesting characters, complete challenging tasks and experience the cultural traditions that are typical of that part of the world.

Petra's Planet


To find out more see the video:

There are more videos which can be seen to give a bigger picture, visit their You Tube Stream.

In the parent’s section of the web site it says:

“Welcome to Petra´s Planet – a fun and educational virtual world of discovery and exploration for young children. If you want a safe and fun experience for your child where he or she can also gain meaningful knowledge and worthwhile skills, then you’ve come to the right place! We at Petra’s Planet have created a safe environment for your child to explore, learn, socialize, and have fun online – we want your child to stay curious!

Because we know you care about your child, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Petra, Petra’s Planet, and the ways your child may explore her world.

Discovery & Exploration

Do you have a curious little one in your family? Chances are you do. Petra is also a curious child who loves to explore distant lands and meet new people from all over the world. Just like Petra, your child can explore faraway places. Currently, Petra’s Planet has four different countries and regions to explore: Senegal, Jordan, Sri Lanka, and Sami land. (More will be added soon!) Your child will also undertake challenging tasks that help the people they meet. Your child’s experiences in Petra’s world will take them as far as their imagination can go – all within a safe and fun environment online. We at Petra’s Planet want your child to stay curious!

Learn & Play

All kids are curious, and so is Petra! That’s why Petra’s Planet provides your child with plenty of educational opportunities to learn about the different countries and cultures they have visited through mini-games, puzzles, tasks, and more.

In Petra’s Planet, your child will learn about the modern and traditional customs, dress, and habits of each region of the world they visit as well as the local animals and plants that are found in these areas. These are introduced through various individual and multi-player activities and games. As your child plays in Petra’s Planet, he or she earns rewards called KIPPs for learning new things and helping others.

With so many faraway lands to explore and people to meet in Petra’s world, it’s a good thing that we at Petra’s Planet love to make learning fun!

Meet & Share

Meeting and making new friends is fun for inquisitive kids, but it also helps reinforce what they’ve learned. From their individualized virtual rooms, they have the ability to chat with friends via the Pigeon Post or the Chat Tree. The Chat Tree and Pigeon Post in Petra’s Planet are great ways for children to share their newly discovered knowledge with each other. Additionally, children can share their Travel Journals of the places they’ve visited.

Virtual School

Petra’s Planet has been developed to work well with, and as an extension of, the educational objectives and goals of pre-school and grade school curricula. In this fun learning environment, children learn problem-solving skills as well as subjects taught at their schools. Petra’s Planet is a helpful teaching tool that aids teachers and parents to reinforce what’s being taught in the classroom and also helps children use what they’ve learned in the real world.”