Perfecting Punctuation

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Perfecting PunctuationLearning Punctuation, even after it has been taught step by step, is ongoing long after primary school!  There are lots of online resources freely available to use either when teaching children in the classroom or that can be used for homework too!

Jumpstart – This site has a whole set of colourful worksheets to help children counteract the “bad grammar and incorrect use of punctuation” which they are exposed to on a daily basis. These are well researched sheets and cover such things as apostrophes, colons, etc.

BBC Schools – This site, although archived, has an excellent set of printables such as: the Alien game and Newsround Proofreading – games to help teach commas, apostrophes and speech marks. This is for KS2

Time for Kids – Provides a Test Yourself facility!

Primary Resources – There are lot of teacher created resources available  here, including teaching materials that you can use on a whiteboard – they can be found in the sentence level resources.

Teaching Ideas – Has many resources too, including some designed for younger children. There is a freely downloadable pdf file that may appeal to lots of boys:


There is also a set of punctuation cards for children to keep on their desks, or use to play snap games and a whole downloadable pack and Smart Notebook on the subject is available for teachers.

Fun English Games – Has an online interactive game for learners to test themselves.

Perfecting Punctuation