Pause and Think Online

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Creating words, lyrics or video and entering them into the Pause and Think Online Video Contest is an imaginative approach to introducing Digital Citizenship into the primary classroom. It is also a fun method into motivating your students to pause and think when they are online and also a super way to inspire them and get there creative juices flowing!

Pause and think about it

Pause and Think Online, is an animated song that helps parents and educators teach the concept of digital citizenship to younger children. The song  highlights how to be safe, responsible, and respectful digital citizens by using familiar body parts (head, heart, arms, tummy, and legs) to give children examples of how appropriate online behaviour is similar to appropriate offline behaviour. It is great fun to listen to and sing along with, even if your class does not enter the competition.

Why not enter the Pause & Think Online Video Contest and have your class create their own music video using the Pause & Think Online lyrics and music. You could then showcase your students’ acting, dancing, or musical talents when producing your video. Or, if wished, students could create their own animated video. For helpful video production tools, check out the 

 from Graphite, or alternatively, work with what you already have and simply use your smart phones or tablets to record. Just get excited, get creative, and get involved! Learn more!

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The deadline to submit the video is March 31st 2014, 12pm PST.