Pause and Think Online Video Contest

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Pause & Think OnlineThe Pause and Think Online Video Contest has been extended until the end of May so there is still time to enter.

The Pause and Think Online Video Contest is a great opportunity to address e-safety or internet safety in your school. All you have to do is make a collaborative video in which pupils sing, dance, act and/or animate their own characters to share the message Pause & think online. It gives plenty of scope for discussion and small group work regardless of age and gives an audience for any work done. So, why not, put any tablet or laptop that is available to good use and take part in this contest?

Contest Guidelines

The video must…

  • Incorporate the Pause and Think Online song
  • Include Pause and Think Online in your video title
  • Feature elementary students, from grades K-5
  • Feature participants who have parent-signed Release Forms
  • Be no longer than 3 ½ minutes
  • Contain no copyrighted material (unless you have permission)
  • Include end credits (but no full names of students)
  • Be posted as a public video on YouTube
  • Be submitted by May 31, 2014, 12 pm PST (deadline extended)!

For more information and information on how and where to submit your entry see here.

Pause and Think Online Video Contest

There is also a set of downloadable resources, the song and music, posters etc. at that web address which may, once again, be useful as bright, child friendly,  e-safety resources.