Parts of a Castle

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kidcastle1_smallCastles for Kid
s is an educational webpage that is part of the adult Castles of the World website. The webpage is divided into two sections: The Castle of King Edward and the Parts of a Castle. It has been developed specifically for children to illustrate: what is inside a castle, all about the shape of the building, talking about the people who may have lived in one and about the activities that would have taken place in and around the castle.

The information about the parts of a castle is presented in very detailed bullet points, incorporating short sections of reading with child suitable language.

Parts of a Castle

There is quite a lot of information about King Edward’s Castle and the people that live in it, establishing: some interesting historical facts about the life span of the children in the Middle Ages, the reasons for parts of castles being built, knights, hobbies of the time – such as hunting and hawking and pastimes. It is illustrated by clip art and therefore, not utilizing some of great pictures that may have been used. Nevertheless, it is a suitable site to use in primary schools, especially for younger learners.

The rest of the site has some wonderful images which teachers could use to make up a presentation of the castles within the UK, for example this image below of Caernarvon Castle:

Parts of a Castle

The site has got a very clear history of castles but this is for teacher use only, it is not written for children. It also has a whole range of castle plans for all sorts of different castles, from all around the world over the ages.

There are countries in the list without any castles and some countries with a great number, it may be an interesting research for children to find out where the castle countries are and see if they can work out why!