Out of Your Hands Competition

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Out of Your Hands is running a competition to discourage mobile phone theft.

“Out of Your Hands is creating a 2012 campaign to raise the profile of mobile phone crime and to reduce the number of young people from becoming victims. We would like your pupils to design a slogan and simple graphic or logo which will alert people and remind them to be aware of the mobile phone crime risks at public events.”

The competition is open to all schools and pupils aged 7-16 years in England and Wales. Closing date 31st January 2012.

The prizes:

  • 1st Prize – £400 for your school, £50 voucher for the designer
  • 2nd Prize – £300 for your school, £30 voucher for the designer
  • 3rd Prize – £200 for your school, £20 voucher for the designer


The Primary and Secondary Competitions involve the following:

  1. Think of a slogan
  2. Design a simple graphic or logo to go with the slogan
  3. Send in your designs (the address is in Competition Guidance for teachers)


There are resources for the pupils to use including:

  • A potted history of the Mobile Phone – to support discussion on the implications of technological change in terms of personal safety
  • Kate and Sunil’s Story – the real life accounts of two young people involved in mobile phone crime
  • Watch It! Safety Tips – a take home to remind students how to reduce the risks of mobile phone crime