Quizalize an Online Quiz Making Program

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QuizaliseQuizalize is an online quiz making program that looks to be a fun and imaginative way to make, use and share quizzes.

There are already quite a lot of quizzes for use in KS2 and if every teacher in Oxfordshire added one to the system there would be enough for everyone for evermore! However, this is a fun resource that could be used to set homework.

The instructions are simple:

1. Choose a name for your quiz:

An online Quizalise quiz making program

This is the only thing you need to do to get started. The Quiz Topic is optional and allows you to organise your quizzes. You can also choose from one of the pre-made quizzes.

2. Add questions and answers:

An online Quizalise quiz making program

Quickly add questions and answers using the streamlined interface. You can (optionally) add incorrect answers for use in multiple choice format and a subtopic to group questions.

3. Publish your quiz to your students:

An online Quizalise quiz making program

Your students can access the quizalize quiz app at: and enter the class code you received when publishing.

A full record of what has been achieved is recorded at the end of the quiz, what is fun and may induce a child to take the quiz several times is the time awarded for each answer. Just reading the lsit of possibilities in the multi choice questions takes a few second so one needs to be really quick to spot the right answer to get top points –  seconds taken reading loses points.

An online Quizalise quiz making program