Online Dictation in Google Chrome

Posted by: is now very easy to carry out online dictation in Google Chrome using a simple extension to the browser, which is also available as a web app. It is very easy and amazingly accurate! The only two mistakes in the following text, were that is misinterpreted a full stop twice. I think, in retrospect, you need to say it very close to the last word, I think I paused before dictating it.

Online Dictation in Google Chrome

It is able to understand ‘new paragraph’, ‘comma’ and ‘full stop’. As you can see, the quotation marks are missing and for some reason it decided spears needed a capital letter but these are small details and the Text is still easily understandable. So is this useful in a primary classroom? Perhaps, a child with a broken arm, or damaged hand could produce normal written work to stick in his, or her, book. For some children, the whole effort of writing may hinder story creation and occasionally, it may be a treat to use voice instead of a pen. Once the writing is finished it can be downloaded and printed out using the simple menu at the bottom of the page.


See the text download:

“Moray and the great fish

Does your younger brother younger sister ever get on your nerves? Do you ever get on your older brother or older sister’s nerves?

Maury was the youngest of all the sons of the sky god. He had two great powers, but his older brothers were tired of his constant tricks. They wanted to get away from him, so they got up early before dawn to go fishing in their canoe.

Far out across the calm clear sea they paddled and they paddled and they paddled full stop

They took their Spears and we’re about to start fishing when they heard a voice full stop

I am with you. You can’t see me.

The Brothers were afraid. They looked around but there was nothing on the horizon full stop”

I can imagine that in some circumstances – once in a while – this could be a really useful resource for teachers to have up their sleeve! Instructions are given but they are so simple and a child could easily manage using this resource.

It would be worth experimenting with this tool and a translation app, a new child coming into the class without any English may be able to use this app to record a line, then put it into Google translate. I can imagine that being useful in some situations too. This app can be added to your school website easily, so that it can be available on demand.