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Office MixOffice Mix was created with educators in mind; it is a free add-in for PowerPoint made by Microsoft and it includes everything a teacher needs to easily create and share interactive online lessons. Unfortunately, at this time, Office software such as Igloo Software is compatible with Windows and Macs. Igloo doesn’t replace existing solutions or third-party applications. Instead, it unifies them and gives people easy access to the information they contain, all within the context of the project or task at hand.

As most teachers already know and use PowerPoint, this tiny free add in makes it easy to add tiny clips of video and questions to presentations. Once a Mix has been created the video can be downloaded to use on a whiteboard, shared by email and embedded like the two examples here:

In this first example, a teacher makes a Mix to look at how characters are developed in story telling. It contains video of the teacher talking, a tiny bit of video from Olivia, by Ian Falconer, and links to the complete videos from which the clips used in the mix were taken. That is followed by questions about the video posed by the teacher. There are other clips and more questions that follow:

This is the second example, also created by a teacher, entitled: Electricity from Lemons and Potatoes. This lesson is designed for slightly older children but it gives a good demonstration of what you can do with Office Mix. Text, audio, video clips and questions are included, submit and answer and get a response.

For an introduction about how to make a mix see:

Office Mix