Office 365 Update for Oxfordshire Schools

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Oxfordshire schools have been anxiously waiting to hear about the Office 365 email project. This week OCC posted an article on Schools News which you can access via Microsoft Live@Edu to Office 365 email upgrade update | Schools.

In summary, school email accounts will be upgraded from Live@Edu to Office 365 between 1 and 5 July 2013. Schools will then be able to access emails via using a new username and password – these will be sent out next week to both staff and students.

However, many schools use the outlook mail client and we have asked for confirmation of the changes that need to be made to the client.  It would also be useful for schools to know the exact day / time that their email accounts will be upgraded.

Another news update is due at the start of next and we will feedback advice to 123ICT schools asap.