OCN broadband transition catalogue …

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Oxfordshire County Council have finally published their catalogue for schools to help them in the transition from the OCN to commercial broadband provision.

During the recent OCN conference, OCC confirmed that so far only approximately 30 schools have actually terminated their OCN connection. The vast majority of these are schools with a 123ICT support contract and we continue to lead the way assisting schools with the transition.

We are unique among local support companies, in that we work with both EXA Networks, RM and Schools Broadband; acting impartially to find the best solution for Oxfordshire schools. We also have links with Capita Openhive as we believe there are some circumstances where this is the best solution open to schools.

We take each broadband solution on it’s merits when acting on behalf of the schools we represent. Based on our experiences so far, we feel it is in the interests of Oxfordshire primary schools to make plans as soon as possible and your 123ICT consultant is able to advise you directly.

123ICT will also assist schools that do not have a support contract with us … please contact us and we will be in touch.