Ocean Facts

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Oceans form a huge part  the Earth’s make-up and there are so many interesting ocean facts which could feed into any project about water. Here is a set of links suitable for teachers:

National Geographic – The National Geographic shares a selection of facts about the oceans. With some stunning photographs in a slide show.


Science Kids – Offers a page of information about the oceans – Fun Ocean Facts.

The Kids-World-Travel-Guide – Provides information on each of the world’s oceans individually. As they are quite different this is an interesting starting point!

Kids Fun Facts about the Ocean  – This site asks and provides answers to: “What do you know about our ocean? How many oceans are there? What are they called? How deep is the ocean? What causes a wave? Why is the ocean salty? What is the fastest creature in the ocean? How is pollution and global warming affecting our seas and oceans?”  (Kids Fun Facts). There is also a video and lots of information shared on this page.

All that is Interesting – Provides a set of 11 beautifully presented facts – vivid images are used to display facts about marine animals. As a teacher though be careful not to go past image 11 – the next page presented me with some images I would not like shared in a classroom! I think it may be better to add the images to a Smartboard Notebook or presentation – just a warning!

Ocean in a Bottle  – Provides a great craft idea:

Ocean Facts