Night Zookeeper

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Night ZookeeperNight Zookeeper  is an exciting project to inspire children’s writing. It is based on: “A magical story about the adventures of a Night Zookeeper and the fantastical animals he meets on his nightly rounds.”(Night Zookeeper)

The website encourages children to use their imagination freely to invent their own magical, fantastical animals and to use their own pictures and made-up stories about the animals in order to bring them to life. The project is aimed at children all around the world, making children creators of their own digital media.

night zookeeper

There are many free resources which teachers can try out to see the effect of the resources on the creativity and writing inspiration of their pupils.

It is available on apps for mobile devices, or for computers. There is no online chat, there are no in-app purchases, which makes it safe for children to use!

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