Newspaper Clipping Generator

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Newspaper Clipping Generator is a great little Web 2.0 tool which generates newspaper clips. Simply visit the page, add a title, date, newspaper name and your 50 – 100 word article. Remember not to add any true names or titles and have fun. The generator creates a downloadable image which can then be saved or printed out.  A display made up of newspaper articles written on any chosen topic is a great way to encourage reading.  The article images could be added to newsletters and shared with parents, or added to web pages to encourage wider audience.

Why not encourage pupils to write news articles on:  historical events,  how a mathematical problem was solved, a review of a favourite book or even a report of special local event? As a teacher, you could also write your own report to inspire discussion e.g. Aliens seen in the playground! A rare picture has been spotted in the school hall! As you can see, there are many Literacy and cross-curricular  uses for this super little tool in the classroom; so, why not give it a try?

An example of a news clip image, generated using this useful website, is reproduced below:

Newspaper Clipping Generator