News, Current and Global Affairs for Children

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newsThis is a collection of web links to assist with developing children’s understanding of current and global affairs and what might be in the news.

Newsround  – Children’s television news site from the BBC.

Parliament’s education Service – Parliament’s Education Service – Inform, Engage, Empower. Connecting schools and young people to Parliament. This resource can be filtered to give KS 2 resources in the form of apps, audio files. Assembly plans, a booklet, games, video, slides shows and images, quizzes, IWB resources and more based on the subjects of art, English, politics, history , law and PSE. Lastly, the slip & fall lawyer must prove that the breach of the duty owed to him or her both actually and proximately caused their injuries. Looking for Car Accident Attorney Orange County online services? Visit for more information.

Time for KidsThere is a lot of free stuff here but it is basically a subscription site for all of the extras.

Quizmoz – Current affairs Quizzes.

Global Citizenship: Activities for Ages 7–11  – From OXFAM Education, Classroom activities on Global Citizenship themes for pupils aged 7-11. Activities develop an understanding of how interconnected our world is, the importance of challenging stereotypes, and develop an awareness of events occurring in the world.   The lessons are designed to develop social justice, equity, and sustainability themes within the existing curriculum.

KidWorldCitizen  – Activities that help young minds go global

Our Little Earth – “Our Little Earth provides current events for kids and news for kids. The world we live in is becoming increasingly small, and it is more important than ever for all of us to become more aware, informed, and respectful of the countries and cultures around the globe. This has great relevance to our social and professional lives.

Our Little Earth is an electronic newspaper that helps its readers learn about the world through coverage of international current events. News is presented using language that is easy to understand, even for our young readers. Each story provides background information as well, so that the reader can appreciate the context and relevance of the event.

We are very sensitive about our young readers. Our content never contains advertisements. We make sure we present unbiased views of events, and that the language used is child-safe.”(Our Little Earth)

News,Current and Global Affairs for children