New Year Resources

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New Year ResourcesHappy New Year! Here are some great resources to help bring 2016 in to the classroom:

Activity Village – This site is sharing many worksheets, including an acrostic poem printable, a new year resolution story starter, an “odd” year story starter and three starts for 2016 – where children and their three wishes for 2016 are put into three stars – all lovely ideas!

The Teacher’s Corner  – Gives an idea for making a new year’s resolution, but as a record of achievement, amongst its many idea for the start of term.

Teach It Primary – Has many free resources for people who are not subscribers. All these are PDFs that are not editable, that facility is reserved for subscribers. However there are some lovely ideas there. There are punctuation exercises, calendar practice and more. In fact, there are 111 resources linked to the New Year theme! These are great quality and well worth looking at if you are not already a subscriber. I really love their New Year, new beginnings booklet; it is something to work though, fill in, keep and look at later in the year!

ABCTeach – Shares goal setting and printable badges amongst their New Year offerings.

TES – Shares a great New Year Presentation. This could be used in any class as a short assembly or discussion item; it talks a little about the history, about making a resolution, etc. It could be used with any age group at all.

Busy Teacher – Provides: crosswords, word searches, worksheets and resolutions sheets. some of  these seem more related to winter rather than New Year but there may be some useful ideas!

123Vectors – Have a template (example below) that children could download and use to create their very own desktop calendar, to which they could add their own important dates, school holiday dates, colouring seasons etc. This could help them to learn the structure of the year.