Some New Harvest Festival Resources

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harvest_260_tcm4-726002Harvest Festival Resources

Harvest Support Material from Barnabas in Schools – There is a whole selection of resource material at this site which would be suitable for classroom extension work on Harvest Festival including activities, stories, music and pictures along with suggested approaches for using it with learners at Foundation, KS1 and KS2.

Netmums Harvest Festival – There are some lovely craft ideas on this netmums page.

Scholastic – This site has published a page of harvest festivals around the world. This covers the festivals by all of its different names for different religions.

Christian Aid – This charity is running a Harvest Appeal which may appeal to some schools.:

“Tomey and her family live in an incredibly remote area of Mali, in the Sahel, south of the Sahara desert. Life there has never been easy, but with a changing climate, families are facing a bitter battle for survival.

The rains are shorter and the droughts are more frequent. In the dry season, the ground is cracked and arid, leaving women like Tomey wondering how they can possibly grow enough to feed their families.

Together, we can bring life to parched earth like this.

Christian Aid is providing hardy seeds and tools, and training women in Tomey’s community to grow market gardens. Unlike their traditional crops, these gardens are irrigated and do not rely on the rains.

They give women a chance to adapt to the changing climate and grow a big enough harvest to last through the dry season. Now we desperately need your help to push forward with this lifesaving, life-changing work.” (Taken from the Christian Aid Site.)

The Grain Chain – Publishes recipes for the festival

Lesson Planet -Offers a harvest around the world lesson plan for all ages.