New employees

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The conferences we attended last term gave us excellent feedback from head teachers and ICT Coordinators in Oxfordshire. They also allowed us to speak to prospective schools and as a result this term promises to be another challenging time for us with a large increase in a support contracts for us to deliver. We continue to strive to improve the support service we offer and our aim is to continue to do this as efficiently and effectively as possible.

On the staffing front, we are pleased to announce that we have recently appointed Phil Wicker who joined us in April on a full time basis.

Phil has a background in customer service offering IT technical advice and is a self-professed geek. He has just completed extensive training during Term 4 and not only has the technical expertise but also a fantastic insight into new technologies.

We are also delighted to offer Stephen Roworth a full-time position. Stephen has recently completed his IT Professional Advanced Apprenticeship gaining top marks in his exams. Both Stephen and Phil have an excellent background in new technologies and a fresh approach at looking at the potential of ICT in Oxfordshire Primary Schools.